iCloud is a cloud service by Apple that keeps your critical data including images, backups, files, and videos secure and up-to-date. You can also access this data on all of your devices by using iCloud service. It is integrated into each apple device and provides a basic storage of 5GB. iCloud users can also upgrade to additional storage and premium services by subscribing to iCloud+. You will learn How to delete Photos From iCloud here in this post.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a cloud service by Apple. It was launched on 12th October 2011 as a successor to Mobileme. As per a report in 2018, there were estimated 850 million users of iCloud all over the world. This service enables Apple users to synchronise and access their data on a cloud including mail, Calendars, Contacts, Photos, files and videos. iCloud is also a built in service in IOS, iPadOS, and MACOS. Moreover there is a limited version for Windows as well.

iCloud also offers premium cloud services including Private Relay, Hide My Email and HomeKit Secure Video Compatibility through iCloud+. Private Relay works as a regular VPN for Apple users and it can hide and protect all the data sent to other devices. Unlike a regular VPN which gives it users a specific IP, Private Relay gives a random location to its users that no one can access or track your location. It also works as a route between two networks each time a device is connected to a network. This makes it possible that no one can track your IP or what you do on internet not even Apple.

What is iCloud Photo Library?

Apple users( iPhone, iPad, MAC or Apple TV 4K) may have heard of iCloud Photo Library. What is it and what purpose does it serve to Apple users? It is a built in service for the Apple users which allows them to access all of their photos and videos from any device that is linked to their Apple ID.

iCloud Photo Library uses your iCloud storage space to upload new photos and videos from all of your devices. You can view and access these photos and videos from anywhere anytime using your iCloud ID. This means if you take a Photo from your iPhone and upload it to the iCloud you can later access this photo on your iPad and MAC device.

All of your Photos and videos from all of your Apple devices are synchronised on your iCloud. Not only this butYou can upload photos and videos from all of your Apple devices on your iCloud. If you think photos and videos are not good enough you can delete these photos from your iCloud to free up some space.

Why you want to delete Photos from your iCloud?

Deleting your photos from your iCloud account means that you will no longer be able to access these photos on you Apple devices that use the same Apple ID. It also means that you will no longer be able to view these photos after you have deleted them from your iCloud.

Therefore Apple Experts always recommend to back up your Photos and Videos that you think are important.

How to delete Photos from iCloud ?

Deleting photos from iCloud is a simple and easy task. If you want to delete photos from iCloud you need to follow these simple steps below.

How to delete photos from IPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

  • Open the Photo app on your Apple device.
  • Access Library on the bottom of your screen.
  • Select a Photo that you want to delete.
  • You can also tap on two or more photos if you want to delete more than one photo.
  • Tap on delete to confirm.
  • Your photos will be deleted from iCloud.

Can You delete Photos from MAC

  • Open the photos app.
  • Select the Photos and Videos that you want to delete.
  • Delete the photos by pressing the “Delete Key” or Control Click or Right Click from your Mouse.
  • Click on delete to confirm the action.

How to delete Photos from iCloud.com

  • Login to your iCloud account by using your iPhone, iPad or Computer.
  • Select the Photos app.
  • Choose the photos and videos that you want to delete.
  • Click or Tap on Delete option to delete these photos.

You can restore these photos and videos from your deleted photo album within 30 days. Moreover if you want to permanently delete these photos you can delete them from your Deleted Photo Album. However if you have reached your maximum iCloud storage you may not recover these deleted photos from your Deleted Photo Album.

Now you have learned How to delete Photos from iCloud ? If you still have question about it you can ask us in the comment Box.


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