OSU is an online free video game that allows its users to play games on song beats. It is one of the top rated rhythm games with over 30 million active users in the world. You can also create different beatmaps in the map editor to play this game. Later, you can delete a beatmap if you do not wish to play it again. You will lean all the details about How to delete Beatmaps on OSU! here on this page.

How To Delete Beatmaps on OSU!

What is a Beatmap in OSU?

Beatmaps are the different stages and levels in OSU game. Each beatmap has its own hit circles, sliders, Spinners and songs according to the rhythm of the music. Moreover, they can also have a background image, video or a storyboard as their gameplay. You can also add your custom beatmaps to play this game after creating an account on OSU. Other players can also play your Beatmaps after you have listed your map in the Beatmap section.

You have to add rhythm music, hit circles, spinners, image, or a video to create your custom Beatmap on OSU. If you think, your Beatmap is not good enough, you can delete your Beatmap later too. If you do not have the idea How to delete Beatmaps in OSU? We are here to help.

Why you need to delete Beatmaps in OSU?

Deleting a Beatmap in OSU means that everything related to it will be deleted forever. It also means that you and other players will not be able to play this beatmap. All the reports on How much people interacted with your beatmap will also be removed with it.

You can recover a deleted Beatmap in OSU, if you have saved the backup file in your computer. You can have different reasons for deleting your beatmap in OSU. For instance, you may think your beatmap is not good enough to be played by other players. Or you may think to delete your Beatmap because you do not like it yourself. Whatever the reason, if you want to delete beatmaps in OSU, we will help you.

How to delete Your beatmaps on OSU?

After creating a beatmap in OSU, you are not allowed to delete it immediately. Because, there is a trial period of month, where your beatmap is up for consideration by the game administrators with a pending status. After the expiration of your trial period, You can visit your profile to observe if your Beatmap has been declared “graveyard” by the admins. This will be when no other player has interacted with your beatmap for a month. Now, you can finally delete this beatmap in OSU.

Just follow these simple steps in order to delete your beatmaps in OSU.

  1. Visit the OSU app on your mobile. (you can also visit OSU! website from your desktop browser as well)
  2. Login to OSU with your account.
  3. Click on My account option that will be at top left side of the main page of OSU.
  4. Scroll down to find the custom map sections.
  5. Find all of the beatmaps you want to delete in OSU. Click on these maps once or twice to get them highlighted.
  6. Press Blue X button on all of the beatmaps you want to delete.
  7. After the confirmation, all of the beatmaps will be deleted from your OSU account.

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If you like to play rhythm action games, then you should try OSU. It is one of the best online free to play music action games. You can create custom maps or beatmaps in this game as well. If you want to delete your beatmaps after publishing them in OSU, you can do this too. Just follow the simple steps above in order to remove custom beatmaps on your OSU account.

Now, you have learned how to delete beatmaps in OSU. If you still have questions about it, you can ask us in the comment box.

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