Bookmarks are very useful for all users and one of the best ways to save the URLs of your desired website. It’s helpful if you frequently visit a website or web page and don’t want to remember it repeatedly. For re-visiting, just click on the Bookmarks on Chrome, which will be accessible within seconds.

Nonetheless, it’s the one side of Bookmarks usage. What if you want to delete a certain website from your Bookmarks when you don’t want to use it further? Cheer up! This guide will thoroughly explain How to delete Bookmarks on Chrome, different methods to delete them permanently, and much more. Let’s get deeper into the details!

What Are Bookmarks On Chrome?

A Bookmark is a specialized tool to remember a certain website or web page for future visits. It’s like an electronic book where we mark a certain sign to remember and visit anytime. In particular, it saves the complete URL, and you can name it at your convenience. It can be accessed quickly because the Chrome browser shows a Bookmarks bar by default.

Bookmarks on Google Chrome

Why Create Bookmarks In Google Chrome?

Whether you are a blogger, researcher, or connected to any field, sometimes it’s necessary to remember some websites. It’s impossible to remember the website or URLs in bulk. Therefore Google Chrome’s Bookmarks options remember that web page exactly and help us visit anytime with a click. To visit Bookmarks in Chrome, click on the three dots on the right-hand side and click the Bookmarks option further. Here are the Bookmarks shortcuts for Chrome:

  • Bookmark a Tab On Chrome: CTRL+D
  • Bookmark All Tabs: CTRL+Shift+D
  • Show Bookmark Bar: CTRL+Shift+B
  • Bookmark Manager: CTRL+Shift+O

How To Delete Bookmarks On Google Chrome – Step-by-step Guide

For Bookmarks deletion, go to the Chrome setting, click on the Bookmarks option, select the desired Bookmarked link, and click Delete. The procedure is the same whether you are on a PC or Mobile phone. I have explained the deletion methods thoroughly in the following:

How To Delete Individual Bookmarks On Desktop Chrome Browser

  • Open the Google Chrome Browser on your Desktop.
  • Click on the Three-dots menu in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Find the Bookmarks option.
  • When you Hover, it will show further options. Click on Show Bookmark Bar.
  • Now choose the Bookmarked link you want to delete, right-click, and Press Deletion.
  • Congrats! The Bookmark has been successfully removed from your chrome browser on your desktop.

Note: Make sure to check what you want to delete because Chrome will not show any warning message before deletion.

How To Delete Bookmarks On Mobile Chrome Browser

  • Open the Chrome browser on your smartphone (iPhone or Android).
  • Navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and further Select Bookmarks.
  • Click on the Folder from where you want to Delete the Bookmarked websites.
  • Select the Bookmark; click on the three dots next to the chosen Bookmark.
  • Press Delete.

How To Delete Multiple Bookmarks On Chrome Desktop Browser

  • Start the Chrome Browser on the laptop or Desktop PC.
  • Click on the Three-dots menu from the top-right corner.
  • Click Bookmarks > Bookmarks Manager.
  • Select the desired Bookmarks folder from the left side menu.
  • Hold the CTRL button for multiple selections of the Bookmarked websites.
  • Press the CTRL+A button to select all the Bookmarks.
  • Navigate to the top right side of the screen and Press the Delete button.
  • Congrats! You are done with removing multiple Bookmarks on the Chrome browser.

How To Delete Multiple Bookmarks On Chrome Mobile Browser

  • Launch the Chrome Browser on the mobile phone.
  • Click on the three dots on the top-right of the screen.
  • Click Bookmarks.
  • Select the desired folder of the Bookmarks.
  • Select the Bookmarks you want to delete by holding CTRL button and clicking each Bookmark.
  • You can select them by clicking on the Three dots and pressing the Select All button.
  • In the end, Click on the Delete Icon adjacent to the three dots, and it’s all done.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, Bookmarking is useful to access certain websites quickly, but removing unnecessary bookmarks is also crucial. It’s easier to delete bookmarks that are inaccessible anymore. The procedure is almost similar whether you are on a Mobile phone or Desktop using the Google Chrome browser.

Any queries? Leave a comment on whether the above mentioned methods work for you or anything else.


Can I Delete Bookmarks in Chrome browser?

Yes, you can delete bookmarks in a few steps using Google Chrome. Click on the Three dots, hover on bookmarks, manage bookmarks, and delete the selected bookmarks in a click.

How can I delete multiple Bookmarks on Chrome

Go to the three-dots menu, hover on bookmarks, and click on Bookmarks manager. Press the CTRL button and select the desired website you want to delete. Press the delete button and enjoy.

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