Citizen is a an online application that allows users to track the possible crimes and report the criminals. Apart from it, this also prevents you from getting robbed. You can create an online account on the citizen app and report any crime taking place on your location. This article provides detailed information about how to delete citizen account?

How To Delete Citizen Account?

What is Citizen App?

The Citizen application uses an interactive map to show all the location at which the crimes are being reported. It also displays the location on which the citizen are concerned about safety in their neighbourhood. The app does not collect any private information from its users. However, it uses the reports of crime that have been revealed by its users and subscribers.

The Citizen app also has some basic rules that determine how the information of crime reports will be shared with other people. These rules are list below.

  1. Only the reports of official citizen will be published to the common public.
  2. The information of crimes must be reported from crime’s location.
  3. The reports of the crimes must contain enough information to identify the suspects.
  4. Citizen users who want to hid their privacy must pay extra money in order to hide their identity.
  5. The Subscribers will only see information about the crime that have been officially reported in their area.

Why You need to delete your Citizen Account?

You may want to delete your citizen account due to your personal reasons. Moreover, You may also think to delete your account due to the way the app works. Or, you may also do not like the certain features of citizen app. Whatever the reason, if you want to delete your Citizen Account, you will get all the details about this matter her on this page.

How to delete a Citizen Account?

You have the admin access to all the public date on your account on the citizen app. This means, you can delete the videos and the comments you have made from your account. Apart from it, you can also delete your account on the Citizen Application whenever you want. If you have any trouble while deleting your Citizen account, you can send an email to requesting to delete your account.

This step by step guide below provides detailed information about how to delete your Citizen Account.

  • Open the Citizen App on your android or Apple device.
  • Log in to the Citizen App.
  • Open your Profile from home page by clicking on your profile picture.
  • Go to the setting’s page from there.
  • Scroll down to the ” Close Account” option.
  • Click on Close Account and follow the instructions.
  • The app may ask for confirmation to delete your account. Follow the instructions to delete your account.

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The step by step guide above provides detailed information about How to delete your Citizen Account. However, if you close your account from Citizen app, it will not remove the Citizen application from your device. If you want to uninstall Citizen app from your device, you will have to do it manually. The process to remove or uninstall Citizen app from your device is also the same as for any other app.

Uninstalling Citizen app will stop it from collecting your personal information from your device. After reading the information above, now you can easily delete a Citizen account from your smart phone. If you still have question, you can ask us in the comment box.

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