Outlook is web based email service by Microsoft and it offers mail, Contacts, Calendaring and tasks services to its users. It is the past of Microsoft’s 365 Product family and it works similar to the Google’s Gmail service. You may need to create an account when signing up for the Outlook.com. Later you may want to delete your outlook account for different reasons. You will learn all the details about How to delete Outlook account here on this page.

What is Outlook?

Outlook.com or Outlook is simply a web-based email service by Microsoft that allows its users to send and receive emails, save contacts and mark calendars. It is similar to the Gmail service by Google however Outlook users can additionally link their account to the desktop Outlook data. Outlook also allows to save contacts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and set up your Calendars.

If you want to access and use Outlook services, you may be required by outlook to sign up for an account. Outlook requires your email address and a password for signing up with your account. However if you already have active email provider settings on your account you can also login automatically on Outlook using your Hotmail, Skype, Messenger, Windows live, and Xbox Accounts.

Outlook allows its users to store all their email accounts and contacts into one location. This comes in handy when you want to stay organized up to date or set up your next meeting.

Deleting Outlook Account

However some Outlook users may not find it interesting for different reasons. They may want to delete their outlook account before moving on to another alternative. This could be a big decision and they should proceed with precautions.

If you want to delete your Outlook account you should first back up your important mails contacts and calendars first. Deleting your outlook account without taking a backup of your important data may have its consequences.

Why you need to delete your Outlook account?

If you want to permanently delete your Outlook account you must also deactivate your other Microsoft accounts that are linked to your your Outlook account. You should always keep in mind that deleting your Outlook account means that you will also delete your Windows Live, Xbox, Skype, Office, and other Microsoft accounts that are linked to it. Not only this you may also loose device configuration on these accounts as well.

Outlook has become a centre point for Microsoft services. Deleting your Outlook account will have major effects on your other Microsoft accounts as well. Because Microsoft uses your Outlook account to connect to other Microsoft services. So proceed with caution if you want to remove your Outlook account.

If you delete your Outlook account or Windows mail you will no longer be able to access these services. This also means you will not be able to send or receive mails on your Outlook account. Any data that is stored on your Outlook account will also be deleted with it.

In reality you will be trying to delete the default email account on your system. Microsoft requires at least one email account connected on your system to send and receive important emails. Therefore you may not see a delete option on your account if you have only one email connected to your Outlook account.

In that case you can simply disable the option to send and receive emails on your outlook account if you are bothered by these emails. The system will deactivate your account but it will not be deleted from your computer.

How to delete your Outlook account?

  • Click on the File in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Go to the account settings.
  • Find and click on the delete option to delete your account.
  • A notification will pop up to let you know that the cached content have been deleted for that account.
  • Click Yes to confirm.

By following the simple guidelines above any user can easily delete their Outlook account.


Outlook is a web-based email service by Microsoft. It allows its users to send and receive emails, save contacts and make Calendars. Outlook serves as the central mail account for the Microsoft services. Users can connect their Windows live, Xbox, messenger, 365, Office and other Microsoft accounts with outlook to stay up to date. However some users are not satisfied by Outlook and want to move to another alternative by deleting their Outlook account.

By following the simple guide above anyone can delete their Outlook account. Now you have learned how to delete your Outlook account. If you still have questions you can ask us in the comment box.

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