How To Delete Samsung TV Plus

Conquering Your TV Clutter: How to Hide or Remove Samsung TV Plus

We’ve all been there: scrolling through endless channels, searching for something to watch, only to stumble upon the same old apps we never use. For Samsung TV owners, one such app might be Samsung TV Plus. While it offers free live and on-demand content, it can sometimes feel like clutter, taking up valuable real estate on your home screen.

But fear not, fellow channel surfers! There are ways to deal with Samsung TV Plus, depending on your preference:

Hide It Away:

  • The Simple Hide: Press the down button on your remote while hovering over the Samsung TV Plus app. Select “Remove” and then “Hide.” This keeps the app installed but out of sight, out of mind, on your home screen.
  • Go Deeper: For some models, you can banish the app to a separate “Apps” page. Navigate to Settings > Apps > System Apps > Samsung TV Plus. Then, toggle off “Show in Home Screen.” Now, you can only access the app through the Apps page.

Remove It Completely:

  • The Clean Break: If you’re sure you’ll never miss Samsung TV Plus, you can uninstall it altogether. Navigate to Settings > Apps > System Apps > Samsung TV Plus. Select “Uninstall” and confirm your choice. Remember, you can always reinstall the app later if you change your mind.

Bonus Tip: Feeling indecisive? You can also sign out of your Samsung account within the app. This will remove personalized recommendations and reduce the clutter.

Remember: The specific steps may vary depending on your Samsung TV model. Consult your user manual or refer to Samsung’s support website for detailed instructions.

With these tips, you can take control of your TV viewing experience and create a home screen that reflects your preferences. So grab your remote, channel your inner interior designer, and get decluttering!

Happy viewing!

P.S. While I can’t provide specific links to third-party tools or methods for uninstalling system apps, remember to proceed with caution and only use trusted sources or official Samsung guidance.

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