How to remove third-party apps from Apple Watch

Removing third-party apps from your Apple Watch can be done directly from the Apple Watch or through the Watch app on your paired iPhone. Here are the steps for both methods:

Remove Apps Directly from Apple Watch:

  1. Open the App Grid:
    • Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to access the Home Screen with the app grid.
  2. Find the App to Remove:
    • Locate the third-party app you want to remove. Apps are displayed as icons on the grid.
  3. Tap and Hold:
    • Tap and hold the app icon until it enters “jiggle mode.” You may see the apps wiggling or a menu appear.
  4. Press the “X” Icon:
    • Look for an “X” icon on the app you want to delete. Tap the “X” icon to remove the app.
  5. Confirm Deletion:
    • Confirm the deletion when prompted. The app will be removed from your Apple Watch.
  6. Press the Digital Crown:
    • Press the Digital Crown again to exit “jiggle mode.”

Remove Apps from iPhone (Watch App):

  1. Open the Watch App on iPhone:
  2. Go to “My Watch” Tab:
    • In the Watch app, go to the “My Watch” tab at the bottom.
  3. Scroll Down to App List:
    • Scroll down to the list of installed apps on your Apple Watch.
  4. Find the App to Remove:
    • Locate the third-party app you want to remove.
  5. Toggle Off “Show App on Apple Watch”:
    • Toggle off the switch next to the app name. This will disable the app on your Apple Watch.
  6. Confirm:
    • Confirm the action if prompted.

By using either of these methods, you can remove third-party apps from your Apple Watch. Note that some default Apple apps cannot be removed entirely but can be hidden from the app grid using the second method.

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